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After School Programming

Jazz is more than music. Jazz is a way of thinking about your environment and how you interact with it. During each performance jazz musicians collaborate, take risks, problem solve, establish leadership, and support one another with little or no verbal communication. Building upon our experience working with thousands of students each year and presenting world class artists MCG Jazz now offers after school programming for high school students.


Self Expression


Cultural Analysis









Spring Trimester

Jazz - Tell Your Story

Calling ALL instrumentalists! Jazz is more than music. Jazz is a way of thinking about your environment and how you interact with it.  Join Grammy Award winning producer Marty Ashby and multi-instrumentalist Mark Jackovic as they teach you the skills needed to create engaging compositions. Through the study of the rich legacy of jazz composers from Pittsburgh you will learn how melody, harmony, and rhythm work together to enhance your story. What is your message to the world? 

Tuesdays and Thursdays 3pm to 5:30pm

  • Registration begins on March 18th

  • First Class is April 2nd

  • Last Class is June 6th

  • Admission is first-come, first-served

  • High School Students or equivalent skill level 

  • Registration will be held exclusively via this website

  • Class Size: 15 students

  • Course is offered at no cost to all students

  • Waitlist will be maintained


APRIL 23, 2024 - 5 to 7pm

The Lounge at Greer Carbaret

MAY 9, 2024 - 7 tp 8:30pm

Manchester Craftsmen's Guild



There will be a van or bus at most PPS high schools going to MCG. For all other schools, transit tickets will be provided or MCG staff will arrange for pick-up. Public transit tickets will be provided to get home. Transportation is free for all students. 


Contact MCG Jazz Education and Archives Manager Mark Jackovic for any questions.

Office: 412-322-1773 Ext. 192


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