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After School Programming

Jazz is more than music. Jazz is a way of thinking about your environment and how you interact with it. During each performance jazz musicians collaborate, take risks, problem solve, establish leadership, and support one another with little or no verbal communication. Building upon our experience working with thousands of students each year and presenting world class artists MCG Jazz now offers after school programming for high school students.


Self Expression


Cultural Analysis









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Summer Session

Jazz - Tell Your Story

Join MCG Jazz for a 5-day program focused on the rich legacy of Jazz composers from Pittsburgh. Jazz is more than music. Jazz is a way of thinking about your environment and how you interact with it. Lead by Mark Jackovic, students will use jazz standards as inspiration to compose original music. Through the use of our Grammy award winning recording studio, video suite, and accompanying software and hardware the original music created by the students will be captured and shared in many ways. Let’s learn how Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm work together to enhance your story. What is your message to the world? 

July 8 - July 12
12:45pm to 4pm

  • Registration is open

  • 7/8 to 7/12

  • Monday to Friday

  • 12:45pm to 4pm

  • Admission is first-come, first-served

  • High School Students or equivalent skill level 

  • Registration will be held exclusively via this website

  • Class Size: 15 students

  • Course is offered at no cost to all students

  • Waitlist will be maintained


Teaching Staff

  • 7/12/24 - MCG Jazz Summer Session Celebration

    • Students will present their compositions and supporting material while giving the audience insight to their creative process

  • Marty Ashby

  • Mark Jackovic

  • Dwayne Dolphin

  • Tom Wendt



Contact MCG Jazz Education and Archives Manager Mark Jackovic for any questions.

Office: 412-322-1773 Ext. 192


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